I've submitted a request to be paid - What's next?

Firstly - your request's status will be on a "Pending" status immediately after your submission. Then within 20 minutes if the offer was completed properly it would be under an "APPROVED" status. If not - then it will remain "PENDING" and we would keep on checking it automatically 3 times an hour for a few more days until we determine whether the offer can be approved or not.
Offers which are left on "PENDING" status for more than 48 hours are likely not to be approved, but please take this as a guideline only, as some offers can be approved once a week as well on certain days.
Next, For non-approved offers there will be a "Click Here" link to explain to you what you need to do, so click on it to understand what went wrong.
For approved offers you will be given the option to CASH-OUT once you reach $0.50 (or $1.00 for certain countries) and once that happens you will be paid within 24 to 48 hours, yes, it's that quick, we promise!